hey im amanda. 22, sassy, sad, and gay. i blog all the lovely teams you see in this sidebar along with liz hale and sophia bush. but i blog mostly hockey. also lately a lot of pop punk shit. ya thats it


Chicago Blackhawks forward Daniel Carcillo

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Calgary Flames
October 15, 2014


If Hilary Knight checked me into the boards and broke my bones I’d put it on my resume 


Finally a social issue I can get behind

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Yo I’m giving away 3 codes for a shiny mega Gengar

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my dad just sold his multi-family house that he was renting to people and his real estate agent has bruins season tickets and since she got like $20k for selling the house, my dad told me to take a picture of my room & send it to him so he can send it to the girl and maybe she will give us tickets to a game. im dying my dad is a genius 


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unless the bruins have traded anyone else recently or sent anyone else down recently then no they had to trade him wtf they were over cap

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